Odds against new curbs on Australian bookmakers

    Published in: Latest Intelligence   It is hard to miss bookmaker Tom Waterhouse on Australian television. No matter the channel or the sport, be it Wimbledon or the Melbourne Cup horse race, the bookmaker is never too far away to give the latest betting odds. But when he took an even more prominent role in March by sitting alongside the TV commentators for the National Rugby League, one of Australia’s most popular sports, it was a step too far for many fans and anti-gambling activists. Broadcaster Channel 9 acted quickly to water down his role, but not before the bookmaker caught the attention of a Senate committee investigating the effects of pervasive betting advertising on children and problem gamblers. Due to report its findings on May 16, the committee may recommend that gambling advertising be banned completely from sports broadcasts during hours when children are likely to be watching.   “Young children who are watching a broadcast,...

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