Poipet – The next Macau?

    Published in: Latest Intelligence Sheldon Adelson famously once said that there was room for 10 Macau’s in Asia Pacific. Nowadays he would probably argue that there is room for more than 10. But the Stateline concept of multiple casinos crowded around a small enclave built to accept players from neighboring territories was already well underway before the great man spoke. In Cambodia, the now thriving Indochinese hot spot, the town of Poipet houses 9, soon to be 10, busy casinos, of a scale and sophistication that may surprise many first time visitors expecting the wild west or worse. Poipet is the transit town for Cambodia and Thailand sitting approximately 300km and 3 hours by good road due east of Bangkok. As such it was the perfect location in 1999 for the officially sanctioned re-siting of casinos operating in Phnom Penh in the days before NagaWorld received its monopoly from the Government...

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