Suppliers innovate with promotional tools

Andy Sekula
Andy Sekula, Kalamba Games

Back in 2015, Yggdrasil launched BOOST, a collection of promotional tools that sparked a new wave of innovation through the igaming sector.  Developer-led promo tools crossed over from an ancillary feature to something most suppliers wanted in their competitive toolkit, firing the starting gun on the race to create the ultimate promotional suite Since then, we have seen a plethora of  features being introduced, cementing the tools as an integral part of many suppliers’ offerings. As developers seek to gain traction in an increasingly competitive market, it’s a logical step to look at how best to encourage a long tail on older titles in the games portfolio, but also how to make a compelling offer for upcoming titles. With the flood of content in the online casino sector, the shelf life of games has reduced significantly and with it the ROI on each release. By boosting stickiness and engagement with titles...

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