Taiwan leaps forward

    Published in: Latest Intelligence   Taiwan leaps forward   Taiwan’s inexorable march towards the establishment of a legal casino gaming industry took several giant steps forward during the past week, with the submission of two key pieces of draft legislation to the Executive Yuan (Taiwan’s Cabinet), and the promotion of a key gaming law proponent to the post of Vice-Premier.   On January 30, 2013, the Minister for Transportation and Communications, Mr. Mao Chi-kuo, announced that he was sending two pieces of legislation to the Executive Yuan.  The first bill, which has been in the drafting process for almost two years, would regulate the casino gaming business in Taiwan.  Based on a Singapore model, the draft legislation seeks to not only create a strong regulatory and licensing regime for the establishment of casinos on Taiwan’s offshore islands, but also to address many of the issues which are often raised by opponents of casino gaming, including...

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