Friday, August 6, 2021
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Two e-sabong firms to start operations this month

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) Chair Andrea Domingo said two operators have been granted permission to begin e-sabong operations this month after fully paying their license fees.
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Philippines turns to cockfighting to raise revenue

The Philippines continues to focus on the gambling industry to raise revenue to fund the government’s coronavirus response, this time passing a law to tax the country’s popular online cockfighting industry.

Philippines eyes US$26 million from online cockfighting tax

The Philippines government has passed a bill that will permit online bets on cockfights and expects to raise at least P1.25 billion ($26 million) in revenue from taxation. 

Philippine online cockfighting revenues estimated at US$32 million daily

Gambling via “e-sabong” (online cockfighting) is estimated to produce PHP1.5 billion (US$32 million) in revenues on a daily basis. Calls are rising to legalize and effectively tax these activities.

PAGCOR mulls regulated online cock fights

PAGCOR said it can issue appropriate regulations to license and legitimize cockfights streamed online as part of efforts to obtain much-needed funds for the government.

Philippines seen warming to online gaming for locals

The Philippines market regulator may be considering regulation to allow local Filipinos to gamble online to make up for plummeting revenue from the country’s legal gambling outlets, according to industry sources.

Spotlight on the illegal transportation of fighting birds

Animal Wellness Action has published a report alleging that a massive illegal transportation scheme brought thousands of fighting birds to Guam for years, undetected or ignored by the local authorities.

Cockfighting bust nets 60 arrests in Phuket

Local media reports that 60 gamblers were arrested on Sunday as a police raid caught them in the middle of a cockfight on Thailand’s Phuket island.

Cockfighting ban comes into effect this week

Guam’s cockfighting ban comes into effect on Friday, bringing down the curtain on a gruesome but decades-old Guamanian custom.

Cockfighting popular in Andhra Pradesh despite ban

Illegal cockfighting in Andhra Pradesh is as popular as ever, despite a court order stopping the blood-sport, local media reports. Cockfighting, a sport involving two...
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